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Used Car Dealerships in Toronto: Not Too Shabby

Finding a used car dealership in Toronto

I’ve always thought that car salesmen and mechanics are willing to take advantage of me because I’m a woman. That’s awful, I know. I just feel like the perception is that I must know nothing about cars so how would I know any better if what they’re telling me is true or not? When I was younger, I always asked my dad to come along with me. Once, a mechanic gave me an estimate that seemed a little ridiculous. I showed up with my dad who went through item by item and the guy backed down. Ended up costing me half as much in the end.

I mention this because I was not looking forward to car shopping. I decided to trade in my car for something a little less expensive and I wanted something used. This time, dad wasn’t coming with me. I figure, I’m a grown woman. I need to do this on my own. Plus, my parents were on a cruise so I couldn’t bring my dad along.

While it’s true that I don’t know much about cars, I’m pretty outspoken when it comes to getting answers and I don’t have a problem asking a lot of questions. Like, a lot of questions. I went to a few dealers but ended up finding the most used cars Toronto had to offer in one dealership. It also happened to be the closest one to my house and the last one I went to. I was so frustrated from the rest of my experiences that day that I almost didn’t stop. But I’m so glad I did. I was so impressed with them!

First of all, the salesman was amazing. I think he could tell that I had my guard up because he really took the time to talk with me and answer all of my questions. I never felt pressured or like he was trying to take advantage. They had a lot of information about the previous owner and how he drove the car and they were able to get me a great rate for financing.

If you’d have told me that I would have such a good experience shopping for a used car, I never would have believed you. In fact, I felt so little pressure that I think I would have just gone the used car route the first time had I known it would be so simple! Happy I check reviews on the car dealership on before I went; I recommend you do as well.